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Care That Puts You First

Neuropsychological conditions aren’t like other medical problems that can be diagnosed with a physical exam or imaging test.

These conditions begin in the brain and nervous system and take time to identify and treat.
At the Neurobehavioral Wellness Center we understand the complex nature of these conditions and draw upon our deep expertise to provide the diagnosis and care you require. Our doctors provide comprehensive services for all ages, from pediatric to geriatric.


Treating the Person, Not the Problem

At our Center we take a “person-first” approach to treatment. This means we take time to listen to your concerns and understand how they are affecting your day-to-day activities. We then work with you to make a diagnosis. This is done through a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation.

Once a diagnosis is made, we develop a personalized plan specific to your needs. This can consist of one treatment or a combination of several approaches. Some treatments we may suggest are psychotherapy, medication, or special accommodations (for work or school).

Your comfort is our top concern! We offer a welcoming, home-like environment in which to receive your care. Other benefits include a lending library, educational resources, and our therapy dog Lola!

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