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As we age, we may find it difficult to process information the way we did when younger. This may be the result of a medical condition that has damaged the brain and nervous system. Alternately, a genetic condition such as dementia may be causing cognitive decline. Because cognitive impairment is associated with many conditions affecting older adults, it’s important to be evaluated by a trained specialist.

At the Neurobehavioral Wellness Center, our doctors recognize the emotional toll these conditions can take on the individual and their loved ones. That’s why we take extreme care to accurately diagnose the source of cognitive impairment at the start.

Some of the conditions we see in older adults include:

  • Mild cognitive impairment

  • Cognitive impairment due to medical conditions such as sleep disorders, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and cancer/chemotherapy

  • Dementia (i.e. vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease)


Diagnosis and Treatment

When diagnosing the source of cognitive impairment we begin with feedback from the individual, their loved ones, and other medical professionals. We also perform a neuropsychological evaluation. This is an important part of the diagnostic process that consists of questions and standardized measures that help us understand how the individual’s brain processes information.

We use the information gathered through this process to make a diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan. These plans consider the whole individual and may include one or a combination of treatment approaches. Some of the treatments we may recommend include:

  • Speech, occupational, or physical therapy

  • Psychotherapy

  • Behavioral changes and lifestyle modifications

Services for Geriatric Patients

Our Center provides evaluation and treatment services for older adults. Services we offer include:

  • Neuropsychological evaluations

  • Psychotherapy

  • Recommendations to medical specialists (i.e. neurologists)

  • Consultation with prescribing provider

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